Item 9011. Das Letzte Passamahl Christi Und Der Tag Seines Todes, Nach Den in Übereinstimmung Gebrachten Berichten Der Synoptiker Und Des Evangelium Johannis

Das Letzte Passamahl Christi Und Der Tag Seines Todes, Nach Den in Übereinstimmung Gebrachten Berichten Der Synoptiker Und Des Evangelium Johannis

Leipzig; H. Haessel, 1908. Item #36390

Later boards. Folio. 4to, 190 pages. 34 cm. Second edition. In German, with Hebrew, Greek, Arabic. Title translates as: “The last Passover meal of Christ and the day of his death, according to the report of the Synoptics put into accordance with the Gospel of John. ” Anastatic reprint of the edition of 1892, with three supplements, containing additions and improvements of the author. D. A. Chwolson (Daniel Avraamovich Khvolson, 1819–1911) was a Russian Orientalist. “Chwolson was born of poor, devout Jewish parents in Vilna. In 1841 he went to Breslau, where Abraham *Geiger befriended him and helped him prepare for matriculation at the university. Later he returned to Russia, settling in St. Petersburg. In 1855 Chwolson became a convert of the Russian Orthodox Church. He was then appointed professor of Hebrew, Syriac, and Chaldaic philology at the University of St. Petersburg, and three years later he was given the corresponding chair at both the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic theological academies in the same city. In this triple capacity he taught practically every eminent Semitic scholar in Russia during the second half of the 19th century and after. Among his disciples were the greatest Russian Orientalists. Despite his conversion, Chwolson remained well disposed toward Jews and Judaism and retained his friendship with many eminent Jewish scholars and leaders. He was particularly welcome in Jewish Orthodox circles because of his frequent intervention on their behalf when government officials threatened the yeshivot or the publication of the Talmud. “Das letzte Passahmahl Christi und der Tag seines Todes” (1892) , while meant as an answer to antisemitic accusations, is a learned and detailed investigation of the circumstances of Jesus' trial and condemnation. In it Chwolson attempted to prove that Jesus was sentenced to death by the Sadducean high court and that therefore the Pharisees and masses of Jews bear no guilt. ” (2007 Encyclopedia Judaica) . “The deep-rooted belief that Jesus was crucified by the Jews being the principal cause of the prejudice against them on the part of the Christians, Chwolson, in a dissertation entitled "Poslyedniyaya Paskhalnaya Vecherya Isusa Christa I Den yevo Smerti, " in "Christianskoe Chtenie, " St. Petersburg, 1875 (German translation, "Das Letzte Passamal Christi, " ib. 1892) , shows the groundlessness of this belief. He points out that the proceedings of the trial and condemnation of Jesus, as related in the Gospels, were in violation of the rabbinical laws, and consequently could not have been conducted by a Jewish tribunal. ” (1906 Jewish Encyclopedia) . Subjects: Last Supper. Jesus Christ - Crucifixion. Jesus Christ - Chronology. Bible. N. T. Gospels - Criticism, interpretation, etc. Bible. N. T. Gospels - Chronology. Ex-library with usual markings. Water damage to pages, but all text is clear. Fair condition (GER-38-15A).

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