Item 9075. THE JUDAEANS/ JUDAEAN ADDRESSES, VOLS I-IV [lacking the final volume V]

THE JUDAEANS/ JUDAEAN ADDRESSES, VOLS I-IV [lacking the final volume V]

New York: Bloch, 1899-1933. First Edition. Hardcover. Item #36531

8vo; 1st edition. Original Publisher’s green cloth with gilt design. 8vo; 24 cm; 196 pages, 192 pages, 216 pages, 243 pages. Vol. 1 carries the title, “The Judaeans.” Each volume includes essays from the following periods: [I.] 1897-1899. -- II. 1900-1917. -- III. 1918-1926. -- IV. 1926-1932. Contents: Vol I. - This introduction to the four volume publication outlines the organization. Essays include "Anti-Zionist Meeting", By-Laws of the Society, and more. - Vol II – Includes a list of meetings and papers read, constitution, list of officers, list of members Articles are "President's Address as Tenth Anniversary Meeting - 'The Aims and Ideals of The Judaeans,'" Henry M. Leipziger, "Function of Jewish Scholarship," Josph Jacobs, "The Mission of the Jewish Encyclopedia," K. Kohler, "Dr, Schechter and Jewish Scholarship in America," Emil G. Hirsch, "Rebellion Against Being a Problem," Solomon Schechter, "Jewish Immigrants and Judaism in the United States," Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu, "The Jews as Elements in the Population, Past and Present," Louis Marshall, "The Jew as a Citizen," Morris Loeb, "The Congress of Berlin and the Jew," George S. Hellman, "Louis Loeb - A Tribute," Leo Mielziner, "The Jews and Economic Life: A Review of Sombart's 'Jews and Capitalism,'" Samuel Schulman, "The Jew in his Relation to the Law of the Land," Max J. Kohler, "Address at Meeting in His Honor," Israel Abrahams, "Ruppin's 'Jews of Today,'" Maurice H. Harris, "Schnitzler's 'Prof. Bernardi,'" Bernard Naumberg, "The Jew as a Citizen of England," David de Sola Pool, "The Jew as a Citizen of France," Sol M. Strook, "The Jew as a Citizen in Germany," Leon Hühner, "The Jew as a Citizen in Holland, Italy and Switzerland," Arthur K. Kuhn, "Yiddish Literature in the United States - Its Relation to the Masses," Leon S. Moisseiff, "A Quarter Centiry of the Jewish Immigrant in America," Henry Moskowitz, "The Novel, Jew," Jacob H. Hollander. - Vol III Includes "Leipziger Memorial Exercises, " Addresses by Samson Lachman, Herbert L. Bridgman, Stephen S. Wise, Joseph L. Buttenweiser, George F. Kunz, and Louis Marshall, "The Essence of Judaism, " Theodore Reinach, "Meeting in Honor of the Earl of Reading, Lord Chief Justice of England and Special British Envoy to the United States, " addresses by Samson Lachman, Julius J. Frank, Jacob H. Schiff, Abram I. Elkus, Stephen J. Wise, The Earl of Reading, "Ameircan Jewish War Relief Abroad, " Daivd M. Bressler, "Biblical Criticism and Jewish Science, " Felix Perles, "Attitude of the Last Twenty Years and Present Conditions of Jewish Learning, " Ismar Elbogen, "Leisure, " Israel Abrahams, "The Lesson from Tutankh-Amon's Tomb for the Jew, " Kaufmann Kohler, "Israel Zangwill Meeting, " Addresses by Samson Lachman, Israel Zangwill, Louis Marshall, Horace Stern, Simeon Strunsky, "The Crisis of European Civilization (Noelting and Spengler), " Ludwig Stein, "Race Theory and Anti-Semitism, " Julius Goldstein, "Immigration and Racial Discrimination, " Max J. Kohler, "The Jewish Colonization Work in Russia, " James N. Rosenberg, "The World Court and the Protection of Racial and Religious Minorities, " Addresses by Samson Lachman, Louis Marshall, Manley O. Hudson, and Arthur K. Kuhn. - Vol IV includes: Summary of the Judaean meetings, 1926-1932, constitution, board of directors, list of members Articles are "Memorial od Samson lachman," Max J. Kohler, "Louis Marshall - In Momoriam," Samson lachman, "The Jew in German Literature," Leon Huhner, 150th Anniversary of Constitutional Establishment of Religious Liberty - "New York State's First Constitution," Louis Marshall, "The 150th Anniversary of Constitutional Establishment of Religious Liberty," Irving Lehman, "American Influences on the Development of Religious Liberty in Europe," Max J. Kohler, "George F. Moore's 'Judaism,'" Samuel Schulman, "Lewis Browne's 'That Man Heine,'" Elsa H. Naumberg, "Golden and Other Ghettos in Recent Fiction," Frank I. Schechter, "The Jew in Science," Morris R. Cohen, "Jewish Winners of the Nobel Prize," Benjamin Harrow, The Lessing-Mendelssohn Bi-Centenary - "Lessing," Ernst Renan, "Mendelssohn," Stephen P. Duggan, American Jewry Fifty Years Ago and Today - "Judiasm and Elements in the Population, Then and Now," Maurice H. Harris, "The Jew in Social Life, Then and Now," Felix M. Warburg, "The Jew in Business, the Professions and Public Life, Then and Now," Marcus M. Marks, "Our Charities, Then and Now," Lee K. Frankel, "Relations of Christians and Jews, Then and Now," Frank Gavin, " The American Jewess Fifty Years Ago and Now, Rebekah Kohut - "The American Jewess in Relation to the State," Henry Moskowitz, "The Ameircan Jewess and Her Religion," David E. Goldfarb, "The American Jewess in Letters," Rebekah Kohut, "The Council of Jewish Women," Nathan Straus, Jr., Hadassah," Robert Szold, "Jewish Sacred Music, old and New," Lazare Saminsky, "The History of Liberal Judaism in England," Lily H. Montagu, "The Life and Works of Cesare Lombrosos," Signora Gina lombroso Ferrero, "The Struggle Against Disease: The Health Work of Nathan Straus and American Jewish Foundations," Louis I. Harris, "The Henry Street Settlement," Lilian D. Wald, "Lee K. Frankel: In Memoriam," Louis I. Dublin, "George Washington and the Jews," Albert Ulmann, "Recent Excavations of Jewish Interest in Palestine," Nelson Glueck. " Volume I, present here, is very seldom offered for sale. Ex-library with usual markings. Otherwise very good condition. (AMR-45-5A).

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