[New York, N. Y. ?]: Zionist Labor Party "hitachduth" Of America, 1929. Item #37739

1st Edition. Original Paper Wrappers. 8vo. 28 pages ; 23 cm. From “The Young Jew Series; ” Number Two. Includes two essays: “Theodor Herzl and History” by Buber, and “Theodor Herzl and We, ” by Welsch. “Approaching Zionism from his own personal viewpoint, Buber disagreed with Theodor Herzl about the political and cultural direction of Zionism. Herzl envisioned the goal of Zionism in a nation-state, but did not consider Jewish culture or religion necessary. In contrast, Buber believed the potential of Zionism was for social and spiritual enrichment. For example, Buber argued that following the formation of the Israeli state, there would need to be reforms to Judaism: "We need someone who would do for Judaism what Pope John XXIII has done for the Catholic Church". Herzl and Buber would continue, in mutual respect and disagreement, to work towards their respective goals for the rest of their lives. ” (Wikipedia, 2016) In this essay, Herzl writes, “But beyond all definite judgment there rises before us, in the light of history, the personality of Theodor Herzl… He was the hero of a period of transition. He was the master of a sick people. His greatest deed is one which he did not achieve of his own will. He gave an image to this people. Not the image of a real living person, but an ideal image, a model comforting and inspiring. It is thus that the poets in their works may cast into human shape their ideal of themselves… (Herzl was) a statue beyond fault or blame, bearing the pure features of genius, the countenance lit with the splendor of the messiah. A gift of illusion. A gift of grace. ” OCLC lists 17 copies worldwide. Some discoloration to Wrappers. Overall about very good condition. (Zion-10-17A) xx.

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