Warsaw: Spóldzielnia Wydawnicza “czytelnik”, 1945. Item #39625

1st Polish edition. Later boards, 8vo, 91 pages. Includes 12 illustrated plates. In Polish. Title translates to “Majdanek: Court Proceedings of the Special Criminal Court in Lublin. ” A recording of court Preceedings of the Polish-Soviet Special Criminal Court established in Lublin in August 1944, in order to investigate the Nazi crimes in the Majdanek extermination camp. This Polish edition was published with several photographic reproductions, showing the members of the commission, the Nazi officers of the camp, the findings, human remains in Majdanek. The Majdanek concentration camp was established on Heinrich Himmler's order and operated from October 1, 1941 until it was liberated by the Soviet Army on July 22, 1944. It is known to be the best preserved Nazi concentration camp of the Holocaust, as the Germans did not have enough time to destroy the evidences of their crimes. The Commission for investigating the German crimes was established in August 1944 and soon they published this booklet in several languages. Despite of the importance of this statement it must be mentioned that the Commission made many erroneous assumptions regarding the duration of the camp or number of people killed at Majdanek, probably because they were motivated rather by political and propaganda agenda than by a search for historical facts. The total number of the victims is still controversial, in this report 1.5 million victims of different nationalities were counted, however according to the latest researches there were 79, 000 victims, 59, 000 of whom were Jews. [Kranz, T. : Bookkeeping of Death and Prisoner Mortality at Majdanek. Pp. 81-110. In: Silberklang, D. (ed. ) : Yad Vashem Studies. Vol. 35: 1. Jerusalem, 2007.].. WorldCat lists 15 copies worldwide. Overall in very good condition. (HOLO-2-140-1U).

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