NAILEBN. NEW LIFE. VOL. X. NO 5; MAY 1936 ניילעבן

New York; Icor, Association For Jewish Colonization In The Soviet Union, 1936. Item #41827

1st edition. Lacking outer color Wraps (thus starting on page 3). 4to. 40+12 page (total 52 pages) 28 cm. First edition. In Yiddish, with English section at rear. Nazi-era single issue of Nailebn, whole nr 78, May1936. Contains news from Birobizhan, reports from ICOR sections; etc. Nazi-era Communist monthly in support of Soviet Birobidjan, the Soviet Autonomos Jewish Republic. Much on rising Antisemitism in Germany, as well as, of course, the history of antisemitism in pre-Soviet Russia, reports Icor and settlement of Jews into Birobidzhan, why Icor opposes Zionism, photos, literary works, including poetry, fiction, humor, satire and other materials covering virtually all aspects of life in the Jewish Autonomous region. In the first issue of Nailebn, the editors proudly proclaimed that the magazine “will bring out more to the fore the work and objects of ICOS [Idishe Kolonizatsie Organizatsie, also known as IKOR]. This organisation is one of a body of similar organisations carrying on the same work in 22 countries. This work is to propagate in this country the complete reconstruction of the Jewish life in the U.S.S.R. What is actually the position of the Jewish masses in the U.S.S.R.? While in Germany, Poland and Romania new waves of pogroms and persecution indicate the terrible plight of millions of Jews in Europe, we have in contrast to this in one part of the world which covers one-sixth of the world's surface, a completely different picture. There, in the Soviet Union, where a new social order is being built the Jews have achieved an economic and political freedom which the Jews in the most democratic capitalist country have never known. Within 10 years the whole mode of Jewish life in the U.S.S.R. has been completely reconstructed. From an isolated and persecuted caste of economic parasites they have been transformed into healthy productive workers on an equal footing with all other citizens in the Soviet Union. The five flourishing Jewish National Regions and the Jewish Autonomous Territory of Biro Bidjan show what the erstwhile ‘Luft Mensch’ has accomplished under a government which stands for the complete freedom and self-determination of all its nationalities. The new Jewish life in the U.S.S.R. stands out as a beacon for those struggling and persecuted Jews in Fascist and semi-Fascist countries. This is the task which ICOS has set itself and which ‘New Life’ will help considerably in carrying out - of showing more and more people the way the Jewish problem has been solved in the U.S.S.R. In a period like the present, when some of the bloodiest pages in Jewish history are being written, an organisation like ICOS, carrying on such important work, should have the support of every progressive Jew in this country." Includes news from Birobizhan, reports from ICOR sections; etc. Like IKOR before it, Naylebn (New Life) was the monthly official organ of the pro-Soviet Jewish organization ICOR (Idishe kolonizatsya organizatsye, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union). This monthly publication was issued on high quality paper in Yiddish and English from 1928 to 1935 under the title Icor, and from 1935 to 1950 as Nailebn. The magazine features articles, photos, literary works, including poetry, fiction, humor, satire and other materials covering virtually all aspects of life in the Jewish Autonomous region. Subjects: Idishe Kolonizatsie Organizatsie (IKOR).Subjects: Idishe Kolonizatsie Organizatsie (IKOR). Jews - United States - Periodicals. Jews - Colonization - Soviet Union - Periodicals. Jews - Russia (Federation) - Birobidzhan. Jewish periodicals - United States. Jewish periodicals. OCLC Number:19068832. Lacks outer wrappers, otherwise some rubbing and light wear Good condition. (YID-22-26B).

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