Chicago: No Publisher [The Author], 1904. Hardcover. Item #42114xt

1st edition. Original gilt tooled publisher’s cloth, folio (large), [145], 60, [43] pages. Author inscribed with author’s stamp on front endpaper. In Hebrew. Title translates as “Innovations of the Fathers.” Goldman 595: “Anixter was born ca.1829 and he immigrated to New York ca 5634 [1874]. By 1877 he was in Chicago…where he served as a pulpit rabbi for thirty-five years and was a member of the city’s Board of Rabbis/Va’ad Harabbonim….He was also a member of Schochrei Sath Eber/Seekers of Hebrew Literature and he supported the activities of Hayyim Halevi…He died in 1914…Hidushe Avi contains Talmudic novellae, response, homilies and Biblical commentaries. Some of the responsa were sent to Anixter by R. Isaac Elhanan Spektor of Kovno, R. Naphtali Zevi Juda Berlin [Netziv], R Eliezer Simhah Rabinowitz, Ra. Raphael Shapira of Volozhin and R. Moses Judah Joshua Leib Siskin of Jerusalem. Among those who solicited responsa from him were rabbis in Baltiore (pp. 34-8; see also pp 56-60), ‘R. Zev’ of Des Moines (pp. 28-31), and CHicago Jews. Among the subjets of the responsa are: constructing mikva’ot with rubber pites; how to write gittin in CHicago; shehitah; conversion; tevilat kelim (ritual immersion of kitchen and dining utensils) in a sink; and the status of a cohen (priest) who enrolls his son in a missionary school. Anixter contrasted the state of Jewish learning in American with that in Europe, and reflected on how he lacked the basic texts for Talmud study in New York (this was rectified upon his arrival in Chicago).” Rabbi Lurie wrote in his approbation, “I was very glad that we hae merited to see that our holy Torah has spread out its beauty to the other side of the ocean in the New World…and that in a place where previously wide people lived now the disputes between Aaye and Rabba are heard.”Morris Gutstein, in his work on the Jews of Chicago, notes that “Rabbi Anixter was widely ramed for this profound Talmudic scholarship, his piety and his devotion to the cause of Orthodox Judaism in Chicago” (Gutstein, A Priceless Heritage, 1953, p.130).SUBJECT(S): Talmud -- Commentaries. OCLC: 19154582. OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (JTS, Harvard, Penn, Stanford, Danish Royal Library), with no copies in Chicago or in the North American interior. Very light wear to boards, a gorgeous copy of this rare and important Chicago rabbinics title (AMR-56-40).

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