[Odessa]: Izd. "Burevestnik" 1905. Item #42476

1st Russian Edition. Original wrappers with green and blue printing, 8vo, 241 pages. 22 cm. In Russian. Title translates as, “A Reply to Bernstein: (Anti-Criticism).” Liebman Hersch’s copy, with his ownership stamp, “L. Hersch.” on the front cover and title page.
Karl Johann Kautsky (1854-1938) was a “Czech-Austrian philosopher, journalist, and Marxist theorist. A leading theorist of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and the Second International, Kautsky advocated orthodox Marxism, which emphasized the scientific, materialist, and determinist character of Karl Marx's work. This interpretation dominated European Marxism for two decades, from the death of Friedrich Engels in 1895 to the outbreak of World War I in 1914.”
Eduard Bernstein (1850-1932) was a “German social democratic Marxist theorist and politician. A member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), Bernstein had held close association to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, but he began to identify what he believed to be errors in Marxist thinking and began to criticize views held by Marxism when he investigated and challenged the Marxist materialist theory of history. He rejected significant parts of Marxist theory that were based upon Hegelian metaphysics and rejected the Hegelian perspective of an immanent economic necessity to socialism” (Wikipedia).
Liebman Hersh (1882-1955), aka Pesach Liebmann Hersch, “was a professor of demography and statistics at the University of Geneva, and an intellectual of the Jewish Labor Bund, whose pioneering work on Jewish migration achieved international recognition in the period after the First World War.
Liebmann Hersch was born in the small Lithuanian town of Pamušis….Liebmann's father was a maskil and a journalist who published articles in various Hebrew journals, including Ha-Maggid and Ha-Melitz….
Liebmann Hersch studied mathematics at the University of Warsaw. Because of his involvement in anti-Czarist political activity Hersch was eventually forced to flee Warsaw. He moved to Geneva in 1904. In 1905 he joined the Jewish socialist party—the General Union of Jewish Workers in Lithuania, Poland and Russia (Yiddish: Algemeyner Yidisher Arbeter Bund), also known as the Jewish Labor Bund, or simply the Bund—that had been founded in 1897. Influenced by the debates within the Bund about the economic and political future of the Jews in Eastern Europe, Hersch pursued research on the causes and characteristics of Jewish emigration….In connection with his Bundist activities, Hersch published articles on political and social issues in the Yiddish, Polish and Russian press, with a focus on emigration and the problems of Jewish nationalism….he wrote his book Immigration to and Emigration from Palestine, published in Warsaw in Yiddish in 1928, and subsequently translated into French. In 1931 Hersch's article "International Migration of the Jews," which became a classic work on the topic, appeared in the collection International Migrations (volume 2), edited by Walter Willcox and Imre Ferenczi, and published by the National Bureau of Economic Research in New York.
In the 1930s Hersch's research mainly comprised statistical and quantitative analyses of the conditions under which Jews lived. In 1937 he published a study in Yiddish comparing Jewish and non-Jewish crime in Poland, which appeared in Vilna in 1937.
During World War II, Hersch was active on behalf of Jews in Nazi-occupied countries, and those who had taken refuge in Switzerland, and was a representative on the American Jewish Labor Committee. He was also a member of the executive council of the World ORT….
In 1954 Hersch was elected as chair of the World Population Conference of the United Nations (the fourth international conference for demography and statistics), held in Rome. At that time he was also president of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population” (Wikipedia). OCLC: 48061320. OCLC lists only 2 copies worldwide (Columbia and YIVO), none outside New York City. Bit of edgewear to front cover corners, more at spine. Stain on title page, many pages unopened. Good solid condition. Nice association and rare. (YID-44-13).

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