Item 266074. JPF TIDINGS. VOL. IV, NR. 2, NOV. 1947.
Item 266074. JPF TIDINGS. VOL. IV, NR. 2, NOV. 1947.


New York, Jewish Peace Fellowship, 1947. Item #42548

1st edition. Original stapled mimeographed sheets, 4to (standard paper size), 8 leaves. DP-era Jewish Pacifist newsletter. Elsewhere denoted as “The News-Letter of the Jewish Peace Fellowship–An Organization of Jewish Pacifists.” The purposes of the JNF Tidings are: “To clarify the relationship of Judaism to pacifism; to aid Jewish conscientious objectors; to engage in constructive social action for the establishment of justice and peace, and for the removal of the causes of war; and provide fellowship and spiritual kinship.”
This issue features a 3-leaf argument on “Pacifism and the Need for World Government,” by member Jacob Fried.
“JPF was founded in 1941 to support Jewish conscientious objectors to the military, to help educate local draft boards --accustomed only to the Christian roots of conscientious objection--of the theological basis of the Jewish position on conscientious objection, grounded in Torah, Talmud, and other sacred and religious texts….
Jewish Peace Fellowship is a Jewish voice in the peace community and a peace voice in the Jewish community. We are a nondenominational Jewish organization committed to active nonviolence as a means of resolving conflict, drawing on Jewish traditional sources within the Torah, the Talmud and contemporary peacemaking sages like Martin Buber, Judah Magnes and Abraham Joshua Heschel” (
The first issue was instead titled “JPF News;” after this first issue, the name was changed to the present “JPF Tidings.” It was succeeded by simply “Tidings” starting with Vol V, and eventually “Tidings of the Jewish Peace Fellowship” for its final 2 volumes which ended in April 1964.
Jarome Malino (1911-2002), was president at the time of this issue; he was later a “leader of the Central Conference of American Rabbis on both regional and national levels….A consistently outspoken proponent of rabbinic ordination for women, he was elected vice president of the CCAR in 1977 and president in 1979….He was also a member of the Alumni Overseers of the HUC-JIR, which honored him by establishing the Jerome Malino Award, bestowed on the best first-year student at JIR.
Malino, a member of the National Executive Committee of the Jewish Peace Fellowship, was a pacifist and supporter of conscientious objectors to military service, even during World War II – a controversial position for a rabbi at the height of the battle against Hitler. Moreover, his advocacy of non-violence extended to the theater of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict….In 1988 Malino received the Rabbi Israel and Libby Mowshowitz Award from the New York Board of Rabbis” (Jewish Virtual Library).
SUBJECT(S): Pacifism -- Periodicals. Peace. OCLC: 6673836. OCLC lists 3 clear holdings of at least some issues (Harvard, HUC, Swarthmore); other institutions appear to hold issues from later iterations of the serial. Institutional stamps on front pages, otherwise Very Good Condition. Scarce. (Holo2-160-55).

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