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otsaryisrael.jpg (41831 bytes)1. • Aizenshtain, David OTSAR YISRAEL : ENTSIKLOPEDYA LE-KHOL HA-MIKTSOOT TORAT YISRAEL SIFRUTO VE-DIVRE-YAMAV. .Berlin: Menorah,1924. 2nd Edition. Cloth, 8vo. approximately 3000 pages. Fraying to backstrip (spine covering) with some tears, but boards, internal binding, and paper are all good and solid. . Shunami # 16. Complete in 10 volumes. Reprint. Includes added title page in English: "Ozar Yisrael: An Encyclopedia of All Matters Concerning Jews and Judaism. " In Hebrew. $300.00




ajscover.jpg (7644 bytes)

2. • AJS [Association for Jewish Studies] Review, vols 1-24, complete (thus). Original cloth & paperback as issued.  Near Fine Condition $575.00







baron.jpg (28854 bytes)3. • Baron, Salo Wittmayer. A SOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS HISTORY OF THE JEWS. Complete in 18 volumes. 2nd ed., revised and enlarged. Philadelphia/New York : Jewish Publication Society of America/Columbia University Press 1952-. Very Good Condition. $400.00






dubnow.jpg (54859 bytes)4. • Dubnow, Simon. Translated by Aaron Steinberg WELTGESCHICHTE DES JÜDISCHEN VOLKES, VON SEINEN URANFÄNGEN BIS ZUR GEGENWART. Volumes I-X, Complete . Berlin: Jüdischer Verlag,1930. Cloth, 8vo. Approximately 5700 pages. Very Good Condition. 24 cm. "Autorisierte ubersetzung aus dem russischen von dr. A. Steinberg. " Includes genealogical table. Each volume has also special title page. Includes "Bibliographie" at the end of each volume, and "Zur quellenkunde und methodologie" in volume V, pages 495-503. $500.00 




huca.jpg (23958 bytes)5. • HEBREW UNION COLLEGE ANNUAL. Volumes 1-64, complete (thus far), including index for vols 1-37. Cincinnati, HUC, 1924-1993. Cloth, 8vo. Edited by David Philipson, Sheldon H. Blank & Elias L. Epstein. All original volumes. All Very Good+ Condition. A Beautiful set. $3000.00 (later volumes also available as needed on per-volume basis)





lexikon.jpg (44882 bytes)6. • Herlitz, Georg; and Bruno Kirschner, Eds. JÜDISCHES LEXIKON: EIN ENZYKLOPÄDISCHES HANDBUCH DES JÜDISCHEN WISSENS IN VIER BÄNDEN. 4 Volumes in 5 Volumes (Complete). Berlin Jüdischer Verlag 1930. 4to, Quarter leather binding, ca 7000+ pages; Shunami # 4. "Mit über 2000 Illustrationen, Beilagen, Karten und Tabellen.Unter mitarbeit von über 230 jüdischen Gelehrten und Schriftstellern und unter redaktionell er Mithilfe von Ismar Elbogen " [and others]. A marvelous resource. Illustrated by Illustrated by Loaded with Photos, Maps,etc. First Edition. Clean repair to one spine, otherwise Very Good Condition. $ 550.00 

7. • Jewish Historical Society of England. TRANSACTIONS. Vols 1-37 (complete). Jewish Historical Society, 1893-2001. Paper Wrappers. The complete series of Transactions, recently called “Studies”, Indexes, Miscellanies. JHS $1800.00 

8. • Jewish Historical Society of England. ARTHUR DAVIS MEMORIAL LECTURES. 14 booklets including some bound. Leading scholars, writers and researchers starting with the first lecture by Israel Zangwill on “Chosen Peoples” (1918) and including Sir Leonard Wooley on “The Excavations at Ur and the Hebrew Records” (1929), “Changes in Jewish Outlook” by Rabbi Leo Baek (1947) and “The Record of European Jewry” by Cecil Roth (1950) George Allen & Unwin and Fredrick Muller. Also will include a further number of JHS publications; some later incorporated into the Transactions or Miscellanies, others not. $600.00

9. • Jewish Historical Society of England. LUCIEN WOLF MEMORIAL LECTURES. 14 booklets. Jewish Historical Society of England & Oxford University Press, 1942-1954. In this series, eminent scholars, jurists and statesmen addressed contemporary problems. Among them the Master of Balliol on “Toleration and Democracy” in 1942 (!) and “Minorities and the Democratic State” Jan Masaryk in 1943. $500.00

10. • JEWISH QUARTERLY REVIEW. A complete set of the first twenty volumes of the Jewish Quarterly Review, 1888-1908, as re-printed by KTAV in 1966. This is a complete reprint run of the "Old Series," edited by I. Abrahams and C.G. Montefiore and published in London. (The New Series began in1910 with publication in Philadelphia). There is also the index volume included, prepared by KTAV. The set is in near-mint condition, still in the original two boxes that they were packed in when they were shipped by KTAV. Price is $850.00

beruehmte.jpg (562683 bytes)11. • Kohut, Adolph. BERÜHMTE ISRAELITISCHE MÄNNER UND FRAUEN IN DER KULTURGESCHICHTE DER MENSCHEN. LEBENS UND CHARAKTERBILDER AUS VERGANGENHEIT UND GEGENWART. EIN HANDBACH FÜR HAUS UND FAMILIE. MIT ZAHLREICHEN PORTRÄTS UND SONSTIGEN ILLUSTRATIONEN. Complete in 2 volumes. Druck und Verlag A.H. Payne, (1901), Leipzig-Reundnitz. Small 4to. 432 pages. In German. Erster Band: Tonkünstler; Bühenkünstler; Maler; Kupfer-und Stahlstecher; Bildhauer; Architekten; Steinschneider und Medailleure; Manner der Feder. Zweiter Band. Männer der Feder; Philosophen und philosophische Schriftsteller; Naturforscher; Mathematiker, Meteorologen; Astronomen und Ingenieure; Numismatiker und Statistiker; Meister des Schachbretts; Geographen, Weit-und Forschungsreidende; Aerzte; Juristen; Minister, Parlamentarier, Staats-und Kommunal-Beamte; Offiziere der Armee und Marine; Philantropen; Theologen und Kanzelredner; Convertiten und Kirchfursten; Bankiers und Finanziers; Das Haus Rothschild; Fabrikanten, Industrielle, Kaufleute und Unternehmer; Mädchen unf Frauen. Stamped gilded cloth with elaborate art noveau cover & spine designs. Volume I has expertly repaired front & rear hinges; Vol II has a library bookplate, as well as the handsome bookplate of Bruno Kisch. An Attractive Good Condition Set. $200.00

leobaeck.jpg (123502 bytes)12. • Leo Baeck Institute. YEAR BOOK. Volumes 1-37, complete (thus). London, LBI, 1956-1992. Cloth, 8vo. All original volumes, all Very Good+ Condition with original dust jackets. $1900.00 (later volumes also available as needed on per-volume basis)





gal-ed.jpeg (4116 bytes)13. • Melzer, Emanual & David Engel, editors. GAL-ED ON THE HISTORY OF THE JEWS IN POLAND. VOLUMES 1-19 (COMPLETE) . Tel Aviv, Society For Historical Res.., 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo, ca 7000 pages. Beautiful complete set of this important serial on Polish-Jewish history. In English and Hebrew. Vol. I, 1973. 348 pages (Hebrew); Vol. II, 1974. 458 pages (Hebrew); Vol. III, 1976. 442 pages (Hebrew); Vols. IV-V, 1978. 749 pages (Hebrew); Vol. VI, 1982. 354 pages (Hebrew); Vols. VII-VIII, 1985. 422 pages (Hebrew); Vol. IX, 1986. 376 pages (Hebrew); Vol. X, 1987. 436 pages (Hebrew); Vol. XI, 1989. 191 pages (Hebrew); 145 pages (English) Vol. XII, 1991. 232 pages (Hebrew); 154 pages (English) Vol. XIII, 1993. 209 pages (Hebrew); 168 pages (English) Vol. XIV, 1995. 211 pages (Hebrew); 244 pages (English) Vols. XV-XVI, 1997. 284 pages (Hebrew); 270 pages (English) Vol. XVII, 2000. 277 pages (Hebrew); 212 pages (English) Vol. XVIII, 2002. 435 pages (Hebrew); 194 pages (English) Very Good Condition. (ID #6255) $600.00. 

menorah.jpg (20656 bytes)ajjs.jpg (27782 bytes)14. • MENORAH (AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATION FOR JEWISH STUDIES). Vols. 1-4 (Complete) Underdale, S. A.: Australian Association for Jewish Studies, 1987-1990. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. Semiannual. 

Continued by : 

AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF JEWISH STUDIES. Vols 5-15. Camberwell, Victoria, Australia : Australian Association for Jewish Studies, 1991-2001. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, Annual. $200.00 for all 15 volumes.


kohut.jpg (229945 bytes)15. • Nathan ben Jehiel, of Rome, 1035-ca. 1110; Kohut, Alexander; & Musafiya, Binyamin, editors. `ARUKH HA-SHALEM. Vienna & New York: Bi-defus shel Georg Brog & A. Kohut, 1878-1892. 1st edition. 9 volumes; 27 cm. In Hebrew. Added Title Page: Aruch completum. "Musaf he-`arukh le ... Binyamin Musafya ; ... `im hosafot ... Hanokh Yehudah Kohut. " Includes the scarce supplement & index published by Kohut in New York in 1892. OCLC lists 1 copy of this edition (Univ. of Leeds), though that set appears to lack the supplement. OCLC also lists an 1878-1937 edition, almost certainly the original set plus a later re-issue of the supplement. OCLC thus lists no 1st edition sets with the original 1st edition of the supplement volume, which we have present here. SUBJECT(S) Hebrew language, Talmudic -- Dictionaries -- Hebrew. Hebrew language -- Dictionaries. Talmud -- Dictionaries. Light wear & rubbing to boards, paper starting to brown as usual for imprints of this period, but a good, sold set of this rare work. $3,000.

hashoah.jpg (161481 bytes)16. • Piekarz, Mendel, editor. HA-SHOAH VEHA-GEVURAH BA-ASPAKLARYAH SHEL HA-'ITONUT HA-'IVRIT: BIBLIYOGRAYAH. / THE JEWISH HOLOCAUST AND HEROISM THROUGH THE EYES OF THE HEBREW PRESS : A BIBLIOGRAPHY. Complete in 4 Volumes. Jerusalem Yad Vashem 1966. Cloth, 4to; 30, 1345, 244 pages; 28 cm. In Hebrew. Includes English title page. Preface and table of contents also in English and Yiddish; geographical index also in English. Massive bibliography. "The four volumes now issued contain bibliographical references to the daily press and weeklies in Hebrew from September 1939 to the end of 1950. Monthlies, quarterlies, and similar publications have, however, been listed up to the year 1960." Yad Vashem/YIVO Joint Documentary Projects Bibliographical Series No. 5. First Edition. Binding is Cloth. Ex-library with usual markings. Otherwise Very Good Condition. $300.00 

michael.jpg (42691 bytes)17. • Rozen, Minna; Yehyda Nini & Shlomo Simonsohn, editors. MICHAEL ON THE HISTORY OF THE JEWS IN THE DIASPORA. VOLUMES 1-15 (COMPLETE) . Tel Aviv, Diaspora Research Institute, 1997. 1st Edition. Cloth, Very Good Condition; 8vo; ca 5000 pages; Beautiful complete set of this important serial on Jewish history. In English and Hebrew. Set includes: Vol. I, Italy, S. Simonsohn (ed.), 1972. 341 pages (Italian and French), 318 pages (Hebrew);Vol. II, German-Speaking Countries, S. Simonsohn and J. Toury (eds.), 1973. 265 pages (German and English), 83 pages (Hebrew) ; Vol. III, United States, L.P. Gartner (ed.), 1975. 392 pages (English), 40 pages (Hebrew) ; Vol. IV, France, S. Simonsohn and J. Shatzmiller (eds.), 1976. 460 pages (French), 71 pages (Hebrew) ; Vol. V, North Africa, S. Simonsohn, D. Carpi and Y. Nini (eds.), 1978. 142 pages (Judeo-Arabic, French, English, German), 264 pages (Hebrew) ; Vol. VI, Eastern Europe, M. Minc and S. Simonsohn (eds.), 1980. (Hebrew, German, English, Yiddish, Russian, Romanian), 176+240 pages hardbound ; Vol. VII, Jewish Dispersion in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the Near East. From Greece to Yemen and From Syria Down to Crete, Z. Ankori and S. Simonsohn (eds.), 1981. 247 pages (English, Italian, French), 444 pages (Hebrew) ; Vol. VIII, Latin America, S. Simonsohn and D. Carpi (eds.), 1984. 161 pages (Spanish and Yiddish), 89 pages (Hebrew) ; Vol. IX, Exile From the Iberian Peninsula, S. Simonsohn and D. Carpi (eds.), 1985. 267 pages (Italian, Latin, French, English), 199 pages (Hebrew) ; Vol. X, Documentary Contributions to the History of the Jews in Various Lands, and Focuses on the Jews of England, Ireland, Canada, and Surinam, S. Simonsohn and R. Rockaway (eds.), 1986. 234 pages (English), 76 pages (Hebrew) ; Vol. XI, The Jews and the Conversos in Christian Spain, S. Simonsohn and E. Gutwirth (eds.), 1989. 290 pages (French, English, Spanish), 36 pages (Hebrew) ; Vol. XII, The History of the Jews in France in the Middle Ages and Modern Times, S. Simonsohn and J. Shatzmiller (eds.), 1991. 336 pages (French, English, Latin), 140 pages (Hebrew) ; Vol. XIII, The Holocaust and the Nazi Era, S. Simonsohn and D. Porat (eds.), 1993. 167 pages (English), 126 pages (Hebrew) ; Vol. XIV, History of the Jews in the Lands of Islam and the Surrounding Countries During the Middle Ages and in Modern Times, M. Rozen and S. Simonsohn (eds.), 1997. 62 pages (English), 282 pages (Hebrew) ; Vol. XV, On the Jews in the United States, S. Simonsohn and R. Rockaway (eds.), 2000. 235 pages (English), 25 pages (Hebrew) (ID #5048) $600.00. 

eichmann.jpg (58608 bytes)18. • State of Israel Ministry of Justice. THE TRIAL OF ADOLF EICHMANN: RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF JERUSALEM. Jerusalem: Trust for the Publication of the Proceedings of the Eichmann Trial, in cooperation with the Israel State Archives and Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, 1992-1995. Cloth, 4to (large). 8 volumes text, plus one volume entirely of microfiches of every document from the trial (!) $550.00




10Cover_1988.jpeg (393393 bytes)19. • Stern, Malcolm H. FIRST AMERICAN JEWISH FAMILIES: 600 GENEALOGIES, 1654-1988. Baltimore, Md.: Ottenheimer Publishers, 1991. 3rd [and final] edition., updated and revised. Paperback, oblong folio, ix, 442 pages. 28 x 36 cm. Includes index. The American Sephardi Federation suggests that, “If you are studying Sephardic genealogy, the best place to start is with th[is] volume.” This work, as the title describes, features 600 massive fold-out family trees with approximately 50,000 names (!) It details families who first arrived in North America prior to 1840, and follows those families down until 1988. When it first appeared in 1960, the book “marked a milestone in the study of American Jewish genealogy,” says the American Jewish Archives; it was also a major research source for Stephen Birmingham’s best-selling book The Grandees. The book is now, unfortunately, out of print, though demand for it continues to grow, mirroring the ever-increasing interest in Jewish Genealogy. ISBN: 0870684434 LCCN: 92-244221 SUBJECT(S): Jews -- United States -- Genealogy. Geographic: United States -- Genealogy. Near Fine Condition. $1000.00

yivo.jpg (18932 bytes)20. • YIVO ANNUAL OF JEWISH SOCIAL SCIENCE. Vol. 1-12. New York, Yivo Institute for Jewish Research, 1946-58. Paper Wrappers, 8vo. Good Condition. $200.00 Later volumes can also be provided, as needed, price on request (generally for around $30.00 each).






zinberg.jpg (57083 bytes)21. • Zinberg, Israel.: A HISTORY OF JEWISH LITERATURE. Complete in 12 volumes. Cleveland, Press of Case Western Reserve University/HUC, 1972-78. Cloth, 8vo, approximately 2500 pages. English translation of Geshikhte fun der literatur bay Yidn. Contents: v. 1. The Arabic-Spanish period.--v. 2. French and German Jewry in the early Middle Ages. The Jewish community of medieval Italy.--v. 3. The struggle of mysticism and tradition against philosophical rationalism.--v. 4. Italian Jewry in the Renaissance era.--v. 5. The Jewish center of culture in the Ottoman empire.--v. 6. The German-Polish cultural center.--v. 7. Old Yiddish literature from its origins to the Haskalah period.--v. 8. The Berlin Haskalah.--v. 9. Hasidism and enlightenment (1780-1820)--v. 10. The science of Judaism and Galician Haskalah.--v. 11. The Haskalah movement in Russia.--v. 12. Haskalah at its zenith. Increasingly difficult to find. Very Good Condition. $800.00