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Welcome to our latest catalog, an assortment of over 70 Yizkor and Memorial Books. 

Please also search our online inventory of over 6000 titles in Jewish Studies we have listed on line at www.DanWymanBooks.com, or search by author, title or keyword  on our Nice Jewish Bookfinder. Note that most of these items below are not listed by us in the bookfinder or elsewhere on the net.

As always, every item is 100% returnable for any reason. Domestic shipping is generally $5.00 for the first volume and $1.00 for each additional volume. International shipments are at cost, generally $12.00 for smaller-size volume and $25.00 for larger volumes. All are offered subject to prior sale, first come, first served. 

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Yizkor & Memorial Books

1. • Baranowicze (Belarus) — BARANOVITS : SEFER ZIKARON. Tel Aviv, 714 [1953]. 4to. 667 pages. Illustrated. Sewn in ribbon bookmark. Spine worn, binding a little loose. (YIZ-2-11) $125.00.

2. • Baranowicze (Belarus). Foxman, Joseph, editor. BARANOVITSH : IN UMKUM UN VIDERSHTAND : MATERYALN UN DOKUMENTN, ZIKHROYNES UN GVIES-EYDES'N [Yizkor Book for Baranowich]. New York, 1964. Paperback in original covers, tall 4to, 107 leaves (single sided). In Yiddish with English cover. "gezamlt, oyfgenumen un baarbet fun Yosef Foksman." Very Good Condition. (yiz-10) (ID #20215) $125.00. 

3. • Baranow/Baranov/Barnow. Blumenthal, Nachman, editor. SEFER YIZKOR BARNOV/YIZKOR BARANOW: A MEMORIAL TO THE JEWISH COMMUNITY OF BARANOW. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1964. 1st Edition. Cloth, Large 8vo, 236, 16 pages. Many Photos. In Hebrew and Yiddish; English title page & 16-page introduction in English. (YZ-1& 4/7592) Very Good Condition. $100.00

4. • Belchatow (Poland) — BELKHATOV, YIZKER-BUKH GEVIDMET DEM ONDENK FUN A FARSHVUNDN YIDISH SHTETL IN POYLN. Buenos Aires, 1951. 8vo. 511 pages. Illustrated. Sewn in ribbon bookmark. Edgeworn, top edge foxed. Good condition. (YIZ-2-4) $125.00.

5. Belz. Rubin, Yosef. ‏בלז :‏ ‏ספר זכרון BELZ: SEFER ZIKARON. [Tel Aviv]: Irgun yots’e Belz ṿeha-sevivah be-Yiśra’el, 1974. Cloth, 8vo, 559 pages. Illustrated. 25 cm. LCCN: 74-951127 SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Ukraine -- Belz -- History. Hasidism -- Ukraine -- Belz -- History. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Ukraine -- Belz. Very Good Condition. $125.00

6. • Biala Podlaska (Poland) — PODLIASHE IN NATSI-KLEM : NOTITSN FUN HURBN / M.Y. Faygnboym. Buenos Aires, 1953. 8vo. 241 pages. Illustrated. Covers detached and chipped, corners bumped, endpapers darkened. Good condition. (YIZ-2-5) $125.00.

7. • Bialystok (Poland) — PINKES BYALISTOK : GRUNT-MATERYALN TSU DER GESHIKHTE FUN DI YIDN IN BYALISTOK BIZ NOKH DER ERSHTER VELT-MILHOME / redagirt fun Yudl Mark. New York, 1949-1950. 2 vols: Pinkes Byalistok... Vol. 1, Pinkes Byalistok... Vol. 2. 8vo. xxx, 480, xi, 380 pages. Ends of spines worn, foxing on fore edge of vol. 1. Very good condition. (YIZ-2-3) $250.00.

8. • Bobruisk (Belarus) — BOBROISK : SEFER-ZIKARON LI-KEHILAT BOBROISK U-VENOTEHA = YIZKER-BUKH FAR BOBROYSKER KEHILE UN UMGEGENT / ha-'orekh, Yehudah Slotski. Tel Aviv, 1967. Volume two (of 2) only. 4to. 499-871 pages. Illustrated. Sewn in ribbon bookmark. Moisture marks near bottom of covers and last few pages. Good+ condition. (YIZ-2-10) $125.00.

9. • Bransk (Poland) — BRAYNSK SEFER HA-ZIKARON : A BASHRAYBUNG FUN UNZER HEYM... / fun Alter Trus un Dzshulyus Kohen ; [tseykhenungen fun Note Kozlovski]. New York, 1948. 8vo. 440 pages. Illustrated. Very good condition. (YIZ-2-2) $125.00.

10. • Brzesc nad Bugiem (Belarus) — ENTSIKLOPEDYAH SHEL GALUYOT = ENTSIKLOPEDYE FUN DI GOLES LENDER : BRISK DE-LITA : OYFL. IN YIDISH / dershinen in Hebreish unter der redak. fun Eliezer Shtaynman. Jerusalem, 1958. Volume 2 only. 4to. 711 pages. Illustrated. Very good condition. (YIZ-1-8) $125.00.

11. • Brzesc nad Bugiem (Belarus) — ENTSIKLOPEDYAH SHEL GALUYOT = ENTSIKLOPEDYE FUN DI GOLES LENDER : BRISK DE-LITA : OYFL. IN YIDISH / dershinen in Hebreish unter der redak. fun Eliezer Shtaynman. Jerusalem, 1958. Volume 2 only. 4to. 711 pages. Illustrated. Tattered, incomplete dust jacket that is stuck to covers with scotch tape. Bumped top corner. Very good condition. (YIZ-1-9) $125.00.

12. • Brzeziny (Poland) — BZSHEZSHIN YIZKER-BUKH / redaktsye, A. Alperin, Nahum Sumer. New York, 1961. 4to. Xiii, 288 pages. With English introduction. Illustrated. Sewn in ribbon bookmark. Bumped corners, sticker with ISBN on cover, edges lightly foxed. Good condition. (YIZ-1-5) $125.00.

13. • Chelm (Poland) — YIZKER-BUKH KHELM / tsugegreyt tsum druk un tsuzamengeshtelt Melekh Bakaltshuk-Felin. Johannesburg, 714 [1954]. 4to. 731 pages. Illustrated. Bumped corners, covers lightly soiled, tan stain in margin of first few pages. Good condition. (YIZ-1-4) $125.00.

14. • Czestochowa (Poland) — TSHENSTOKHOVER LANDSMANSHAFT IN MONTREAL. Montreal, 1966. 4to. 349 pages. Illustrated. Minor edgewear. Very good condition. (YIZ-1-6) $125.00.

15. • Czestochowa (Poland) — TSHENSTOKHOVER YIDN / unter der redaktsye fun Rafa'el Mahler ; getseykhnt fun Note Kozlovski. New York, 1947. 4to. Xii, 404, cxliv pages. Illustrated. Hinges broken, previous owner's name on endpapers, otherwise good condition. (YIZ-1-7) $125.00. 

16. • Czestochowa (Poland) Klein, Harry. TSHENSTOKHOV: ARTIKLEN UN BILDER FUN ALTE TSEITEN / CZENSTOCHOV, OUR LEGACY. Montreal, Canada: No Publisher (Czenstochover Holocaust Survivors Of The United States And Canada), 1993. 1st Edition. Cloth, 8vo, xxiv, 360, 117 pages, 26 cm. "The story of the first and second generations of Holocaust survivors from the Czenstochover Jewish Community in the United States and Canada. " 360 pages in English and 117 pages in Yiddish (parts of the English section are translations from the Yiddish). Many photos, mostly portraits. Unusual majority-English language Yizkor book. Very Good Condition. (YZ-4/7540) $100.00

17. • Dunaszerdahely (Slovakia). Engel, Alfred, editor. SEFER HA-ZIKARON LE-KEHILAT DUNASRDAHALI BE-YIS'RA'EL. A DUNASZERDAHELYI HITKΦZSΙG EMLΙKKONYVE. [Yizkor Book for Dunaszerdahely]. Tel Aviv, 1975. Cloth, Large 8vo, 157, 429 pages. 157 pages in Hungarian & 429 pages in Hebrew. "Magyarra αtdolgozta Berg Jσzsef."... "me'et Avraham Yis'akhar Angel." Corner bumbed, Very Good Condition. (yiz-10) (ID #20216) $125.00.

18. • Garwolin (Poland) — GARVOLIN : YIZKER BUKH : SEFER YIZKOR. Tel Aviv; New York, 1972. Folio. 304 pages. Illustrated. Errata page laid in. Small spots on cover. Very good condition. (YIZ-1-2) $125.00.

19. • Glebokie (Belarus) — HURBN GLUBOK, SHARKOYSTSENE, DUNILOVITSH, POSTOV, DROYE, KAZAN : DOS LEBN UN UMKUM FUN YIDISHE SHTETLEKH IN VAYSRUSLAND-LITE (VILNER GEGNT) / Mikha'el un Tsevi Rayak redaktor, Shelomoh Suskavitsh. Buenos Aires, 1956. 8vo. 426 pages. Illustrated. Sewn in ribbon bookmark. Spine cocked, Small spots of wear on corners and ends of spine. Good condition. (YIZ-1-10) $125.00.

20. • Goniadz (Poland) — SEFER YIZKOR GONYONDZ = YIZKER BUKH GONYONDZ. Tel Aviv, 1960. 8vo. 807 pages. Illustrated. Laid in is a list of the book's supporters. Very good condition. (YIZ-1-11) $125.00.

21. • Gora Kalwaria (Poland). — MEGILES GER. Buenos Aires, 1975. 8vo. 512 pages. Illustrated. Wear at corners. Ex library with minimal markings. Hinges repaired. Good condition. (YIZ-1-1) $125.00.

22. • Gostynin (Poland) — PINKAS GOSTININ : YIZKER BUKH / redaktor, Y.M. Biderman. New York, 1960. 8vo. 355 pages. Illustrated. Edgeworn, front hinge starting, binding a little loose. Good condition. (YIZ-1-12) $125.00.

23. • Grajewo (Poland) — GRAYEVE YIZKER-BUKH / redaktsye, G. Gorin, Hayman Blum, Sol Fishbayn. New York, 1950. 8vo. 311, li pages. With English introduction. Back cover detached, front nearly so. Small stains on first few pages. Good condition. (YIZ-1-13) $125.00.

24. • Hoszcza (Ukraine) — SEYFER HOSHT : YIZKER-BUKH / redagirt fun Re'uven Fink ; mitredaktor, Avraham Yaron. Tel Aviv, 717 [1957]. 8vo. Xvi, 294 pages. Illustrated, fold out map. Very good condition. (YIZ-4-6) $125.00.

25. • Jedrzejow (Poland) — SEFER HA-ZIKARON LI-YEHUDE YENDZ′EYOV = YENDZSHEVER YIZKER-BUKH / ha-'orekh, Shimshon Dov Yerushalmi. Tel Aviv, 1965. 8vo. 486 pages. Illustrated. Sewn in ribbon bookmark. Bumped corners, back hinge starting. Good condition. (YIZ-3-1) $125.00. 

26. • Kalish. SEFER KALISH. THE KALISH BOOK. COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES . Tel Aviv: Israel-American Book Committee, 1964-1968. 1st Edition. Cloth, 4to, 624, 598 pages. Many Photos & Illustrations. In Hebrew with English title page ("The Kalish Book") . A wonderful reference of over 1200 pages with map endpapers and 80 pages of plates, including illustrations and photos by Roman Vishniak & Arthur Szyk. In Hebrew and Yiddish. Sewn in ribbon bookmarks. Bumped corners, moisture stain on top edge of volume 2. Good+ Condition (YIZ-6-3) (ID# 19777) $250.00

27. • KALISZ Beth-Halevy, I, editor. TOLDOT YEHUDEY KALISH. Tel-Aviv, 1961. Cloth, 8vo, 448 pages. In Hebrew. This is the squatter, single volume book, not the larger 2 volume set. Ex-library with usual marks, Good Condition. (yiz-10) (ID #20213) $125.00.

28. • Korczyna (Poland) — KORTSHIN = KORTSHINA : SEFER ZIKARON, GEDENK-BUKH... / [fun Yitshak Englard-Vasershtrom, Mosheh Tsuker un andere]. New York, 1967. 8vo. 495 pages. Illustrated. Back hinge broken, otherwise good condition. (YIZ-2-6) $125.00.

29. • Korzec (Ukraine) — KORITS (VOHLIN) : SEFER ZIKARON LI-KEHILATENU SHE-'ALAH 'ALEHA HA-KORET. Tel Aviv, 719 [1959]. 8vo. 791 pages. Illustrated. Tattered and worn dust jacket is laid in. Sewn in ribbon bookmark. Very good condition. (YIZ-4-8) $125.00.

30. • Krynki (Poland) — KRINIK IN HURBN : (MEMUARN). Buenos Aires, 1948. 12mo. 269 pages. Illustrated. Covers missing, pages tanned. Good condition. (YIZ-4-7) $125.00.

31. • Krynki (Poland) — PINKAS KRINKI / 'arakh Dov Rabin. Tel Aviv, 1970. 4to. 374 pages. Illustrated. Very good condition. (YIZ-2-9) $125.00.

32. • Kutno (Poland) — SEFER KUTNAH VEHA-SEVIVAH / [ha-'orekh, David Shtokfish]. Tel Aviv, 1968. 4to. 591 pages. Illustrated. Bumped corners. Very good condition. (YIZ-4-9) $125.00.

33. • Lachowicze (Belarus) — LAHOVITS, SEFER ZIKARON / 'arukh bi-yede Yiśra'el Rubin be-hishtatfut Nisan Tuktsinski ve-Avraham Lev. Tel Aviv, [1948/1949]. 8vo. 395 pages. Backstrip missing, covers loose, otherwise good condition. (YIZ-4-5) $115.00.

34. • Lachowicze (Belarus). LAHOVITS, SEFER ZIKARON. [Yizkor Book for Lachowicze]. Tel Aviv, [1948/1949]. Cloth, 8vo, 395 pages. 'arukh bi-yede Yis'ra'el Rubin be-hishtatfut Nisan Tuktsinski ve-Avraham Lev. Unobtrusive internal binding repair, Very Good Condition. (yiz-10) (ID #20214) $125.00. 

35. • Levertov. Tshubinski, Barukh. HURBEN LEVERTOV: A MATSEYVE LEVERTOV UN LEVERTOVER KDOYSHIM. Pariz : Fun di Fraynt fun Levertov, 1947. Paper Wrappers, 118 pages. Loaded with illustrations, portraits, names, etc. SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Persecutions -- Poland -- Lubartσw. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Poland -- Lubartσw. -- Ethnic relations. Very Good Condition. (YZ-10). $125.00

37. • Lipkany (Moldavia) — KEHILAT LIPKANI : SEFER ZIKARON / ['arkhu Zilberman-Silon, Mosheh ve-Berger-Tamir, Ya'akov]. Tel Aviv, 723 [1963]. 407 pages. Illustrated. Includes errata sheet. Bumped corners, top edge foxed. Good condition. (YIZ-4-3) $125.00.

38. • Lithuania — BLETER FUN YIDISH LITE / gezamlt materyal un tsugegreyt tsum druk, Ya'akov Rabinovitsh. Tel Aviv, 1974. 8vo. 289 pages. Illustrated. Has dust jacket, which is moisture-stained. Lat few pages moisture-stained in top corner. Good+ condition. (YIZ-4-10) $125.00.

39. • Lithuania — YAHADUT LITA / [ha-ma'arekhet, Natan Goren... [et al] ; 'arikhah sifrutit, Avraham Ya'ari ; mapot, A. Viner]. Tel Aviv, 1959. Volume one (of four) only. 4to. 648 pages. Illustrated. Sewn in ribbon bookmark. Hinges starting. Good+ condition. (YIZ-4-12) $125.00.

40. • Lithuania — Yidishe shtet, shtetlekh un dorfishe yishuvim in Lite : biz 1918 : historish-biografishe skitses. New York, 1990/1991. 4to. 791, v pages. With English forward. Covers detached, pages separated, otherwise good+ condition. (YIZ-4-11) $125.00.

41. • Lodz (Poland) — LODZSHER YIZKER-BUKH. New York, 1943. 4to. 252, lxxxii, 174 pages. Illustrated. Covers detached, otherwise good condition. (YIZ-4-1) $125.00.

42. • Lomza (Poland) — LOMZSHE, IR OYFKUM UN UNTERGANG / redaktor, H. Sobotka ; iberz. fun Hebreish durkh Ya'akov Kopl Brukhanski. New York, 1957. Folio. Xix, 371 pages. Illustrated, maps on end papers. Bumped corners, covers worn, particularly on edges. Hinges loose but not broken or split. Good condition. (YIZ-1-3) $125.00.

43. • Lukow (Poland) — SEFER LUKOV : GEHEYLIKT DER HOREV-GEVORENER KEHILE / [redaktor, B. Heler]. Tel Aviv, 728 [1968]. 8vo. 652 pages. Illustrated. Covers detached, otherwise good condition. (YIZ-5-4) $125.00.

44. • NOWY TARG Walzer-Foss, M., editor. SEFER NOVY TARG VE-SVIVA. REMEMBRANCE BOOK NOWY-TARG AND VICINITY: ZAKOPANE, CHARNI DUNAIETZ, RABKA, YORDANOV, SHCHAVNITZA, KROSHCHENKO, YABLONKA, MAKOV PODHALANSKI. Tel-Aviv, 1979. Cloth, Large 8vo, 432, 100 pages. 100 pages in English, 432 pages in Hebrew. Light water damage to covers, some warping to pages, otherwise Good Condition. (YIZ-10) (ID #20212) $125.00.

45. • Ostrog (Ukraine) — VEN DOS LEBN HOT GEBLIT / Mikhl Grines. Buenos Aires, 1954. 8vo. 471 pages. Illustrated. Sewn in ribbon bookmark. Backstrip torn on one side and loose, owner's name on fly leaf. Good condition. (YIZ-5-3) $125.00.

46. • Ostrowiec (Poland) — OSTROVTSE. Buenos Aires, 1949. 8vo. 217 pages. Illustrated. Covers missing. Pages lightly tanned. Good condition. (YIZ-5-2) $125.00.

47. • Otwock (Poland) — HURBN OTVOTSK, FALENITS, KARTSHEV : FARVALTUNG FUN OTVOTSKER, FALENITSER, UN KARTSHEVER LANDSLAYT IN DER AMERIKANER ZONE IN DAYTSHLAND. Bamberg, 1948. 8vo. 71 pages. Illustrated. Front cover chipped, pages darkened. Good condition. (YIZ-5-1) $125.00.

48. • Pinsk (Belarus) — PINSK : SEFER 'EDUT VE-ZIKARON LI-KEHILAT PINSK-KARLIN / ha-'orekh Ze'ev Rabinovits, [Nahman Tamir (Mirski)]. Tel Aviv, 1966. Volume 1 (of 3) only. 4to. 655 pages. Illustrated. Has edgeworn dust jackets with tears along folds. Owner's sticker inside front cover, stamps on fly leaf. Very good condition. (YIZ-2-8) $125.00.

49. • Pinsk (Belarus) — TOYZNT YOR PINSK : GESHIKHTE FUN DER SHTOT, DER YIDISHER YISHUV, INSTITUTSYES, SOTSYALE BAVEGUNGEN, PERZENLEKHKEYTN, GEZELSHAFTLEKHE TUER, PINSK IBER DER VELT / unter der redaktsye fun B. Hofman (Tsivyon). New York, 1941. 4to. Xv, 500 pages. Illustrated. Bumped corners, very good condition. (YIZ-4-2) $125.00.

50. • Pinsk. Rabinowitsch, Wolf Zeev; & Tamir (Mirski) , Nachman; editors. PINSK: SEFER `EDUT VE-ZIKARON LI-KEHILAT PINSK-KARLIN. Vol 2 only (of 3). Tel Aviv : Irgun yotse Pinsk-Karlin bi-Medinat Yisrael,Year: 1966-1982. Cloth 4to, 655. Includes illustrations, facsimiles, foldout maps, portraits, etc. 28 cm. Includes Index. In Hebrew & Yiddish. LCCN: he 68-2477 SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Belarus -- Pinsk -- History. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Belarus -- Pinsk. Jews -- Belarus -- Karlin -- History. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Belarus -- Karlin. Geographic: Pinsk (Belarus) -- Ethnic relations. Karlin (Belarus) -- Ethnic relations. Very Good Condition in Very Good Jacket. (yiz-10) (ID #20218) $125.00.


52. • Pruzana (Belarus) — PINKAS PRUZ'ANI VEHA-SEVIVAH : [TOL]DOT VE-ZIKARON LI-KEHILOT SHE-HUSHMEDU BA-SHO'AH / ha-'orekh, Yosef Fridlender. Tel Aviv, 1983. 8vo. 542, 169 pages. Illustrated. With English introduction. Worn spots at top of spine. Very good condition. (YIZ-2-1) $125.00.

53. • Pruzana (Belarus) — PINKES FUN FINF FARTILIKTE KEHILES, PRUZSHENE, BEREZE, MALTSH, SHERSHEV, SELTS : ZEYER OYFKUM, GESHIKHTE UN UMKUM, TSUM FUFTSNTN YORTSAYT NOKH ZEYER AKHZORYESDIKER LIKVIDATSYE / mitredaktor, David Forer. Buenos Aires, 718 [1958]. 4to. 972 pages. Illustrated. Bound in quarter leather. Sewn in ribbon bookmark, floral patterned endpapers. Ends of spine worn. Good+ condition. (YIZ-5-9) $125.00.

54. • Pulawy (Poland) — YIZKER-BUKH PULAV / [redaktor, Mordekhai V. Bernshtayn]. New York, 725 [1964]. 8vo. 494 pages. Illustrated. Minor edgewear. Very good condition. (YIZ-4-4) $125.00.

55. • Radom (Poland) — SEFER RADOM / [redaktor, Yitshak Perlov]. The book of Radom. Tel Aviv, 1961. Folio. 451 pages. Illustrated. Sewn in ribbon bookmark. Bumped corners. Very good condition. (YIZ-5-8) $125.00.

56. • Rembertow (Poland) — SEFER ZIKARON LI-KEHILOT REMBERTOV, OKUNYEV, MILOSNAH / ha-'orekh, Shim'on Kants ; ['orekh-mishneh, Shelomoh Shidlovski]. Tel Aviv, 1974. 8vo. 465 pages. Illustrated. Light spots on covers, cocked, bumped corners. Good+ condition. (YIZ-3-7) $125.00.

57. • Rozana. Segev, Meir. ROZINOI : SEFER ZIKARON LI-KEHILAT ROZINOI VEHA-SEVIVAH. ‏רוז׳ינוי :‏ ‏ספר זכרון לקהילת רוז׳ינוי והסביבה 1957. Cloth. Tel Aviv : rgun yotse Rozinoi be-Yisrael. 8vo. 232 pages. Illustrated. In Hebrew. Yizkor Book. English title: Rozana : a memorial to the Jewish community. SUBJECT(S): Jews – Belarus – Ruzhany; Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) – Belarus – Ruzhany. OCLC lists 23 copies worldwide. Ex library with minimal markings. Water stains throughout, good- condition. (RAB-20-21) $125.00 

58. • Sarni/Sarny. Y. Kariv, editor. SEFER YIZKOR LEKEHILAT SARNY. Jerusalem: 1961. 1st Edition. Cloth, Large 8vo, 508 pages. Many Portraits & Other Photos. In Yiddish & Hebrew. Very Good Condition. (yz-4/7643) $80.00

59. • Skala (Ukraine) — SKALA / editorial board, Max Mermelstein (Weidenfeld)... [et al]. New York; Tel Aviv, 1978. 8vo. 261, 98 pages. Illustrated. With English forward. Spine faded. Very good condition. (YIZ-3-6) $125.00.

60. • Skalat (Ukraine) — ES SHTARBT A SHTETL : MEGILES SKALAT / Avraham Vaysbrod ; baarbet un redagirt fun Y. Kaplan. Munich, 1948. 8vo. 184 pages. Pages browned, covers chipped and detached, good condition. (YIZ-3-5) $125.00.

61. • Skierniewice (Poland) — SEYFER SKERNYEVITS : LEZEYKHER DER FARTILIKTER KEHILE KDOSHE / [redaktor, Y. Perov]. Tel Aviv, 1955. 8vo. 722 pages. Illustrated. Sewn in ribbon bookmark. Edgeworn. Good condition. (YIZ-3-3) $125.00.

62. • Sokolow (Poland) — SEFER HA-ZIKARON SOKOLOV-PODLIASK / redaktor, M. Gelbart. Tel Aviv, 722 [1962]. 8vo. 758 pages. Illustrated. Bumped corners, spine faded, hinges broken. Good condition. (YIZ-3-2) $125.00.

63. • Sosnowiec (Poland) — SEFER SOSNOVITS VEHA-SEVIVAH BE-ZAGLEMBIYAH / ha-'orekh, Me'ir Shim'on Geshuri (Brukner). Tel Aviv, 1973. 4to. 743 pages. Illustrated. Hinges broken, covers nearly detached, bumped corners, good condition. (YIZ-5-7) $125.00.

64. • Stawiski (Poland) — STAVISK : SEFER ZIKARON / ['arukh 'a. y. Y. Rubin]. Tel Aviv, 1973. 8vo. 379, v pages. Illustrated. Covers rubbed. Good+ condition. (YIZ-3-8) $125.00.

65. • Tomaszow-Lubelski (Poland) — TOMASHOVER LUB. YIZKOR BUKH : POH NIKHTAV TOLDOT YISHUV YEHUDI... K.K. TOMASHOV DE-LUBLIN MI-YOM HIVASDAH VE-'AD HURBANAH... BI-SHENOT 699-705 / [redaktsye... [et al]]. New York, 1965. 8vo. 912 pages. Illustrated. Sewn in ribbon book mark. Hinges are broken and covers have nearly detached, but covers and text are in good+ condition. (YIZ-3-4) $125.00.

66. • Ukraine — YIDN IN UKRAINE. New York, 1961. Complete in two volumes. 4to. 342, 145 pages. Illustrated. Very good condition. (YIZ-5-10) $250.00. Vilna. Grodzenski, A. I. ; Kowalski, Isaac. [VILNER ALMANAKH] VILNA ALMANAC. Brooklyn, N.Y.: Moriah Offset Co., 1992 [1939]. Reprint. Cloth, 4to, 366, xxxxvi, A-O pages. Includes many photos. 26 cm. In Yiddish Originally published: Vilne: Ovnt kuryer, 1939; edited by A.I. Grodzenski. With new forewords and synopsis in English. Standard No: ISBN: 0963217100 LCCN: 91-68403 SUBJECT(S): Jews -- Lithuania -- Vilnius. Geographic: Vilnius (Lithuania) -- Ethnic relations.(ID #14598)Ex-library, otherwise Very Good Condition. (YIZ-10) $125.00

67. • Vitebsk (Belarus) — VITEBSK AMOL : GESHIKHTE, ZIKHROYNES, HURBN / [redaktsye, Grigori Aronson, Ya'akov Leshtsinski un Avraham Kihn]. New York, 1956. xii, 644 pages. Illustrated. Edges foxed. Very good condition. (YIZ-3-9) $125.00.

68. • Volkovisk. Einhorn, Dr. Moses, editor. VOLKOVISKER YIZKOR-BUKH. WOLKOVISKER YIZKOR BOOK. VOLUME I ONLY (OF 2 VOLUMES) . New York, Wolkovisker Yizkor Book, 1949. Cloth, 8vo, 512 pages. High quality production on glossy paper and loaded with photos. Wolkovisk was located not far from the cities of Grodno, Bialystok and Slonim. Early Yizkor book, here in Very Good Condition. (yiz-10) (ID #20210) $125.00.

69. • Volkovisk. Einhorn, Moses. VOLKOVISKER YIZKOR-BUKH. WOLKOVISKER YIZKOR BOOK. VOLUME 2 ONLY (OF 2 VOLUMES) . New York : Wolkovisker Yizkor Book, 1949. Cloth, 8vo, 512 pages. High quality production on glossy paper and loaded with photo illustrations. Wolkovisk was located not far from the cities of Grodno, Bialystok and Slonim. An early Yizkor book. Very good condition. (YIZ-10) (ID #20211) $125.00.

70. • Warsaw (Poland) — VARSHAH. Jerusalem, 1953. Volume 1 (of 3) only. 4to. 814 pages. Illustrated. Has slightly edgeworn dust jacket with tear at back top. Very good condition. (YIZ-5-5) $125.00.

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